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Ranking higher in the major search engines has never been more important. Organic traffic from a search engine is one of the most coveted traffic methods. We provide the services needed for you to rank higher and more consistently in search results. 

We start with a structural analysis of your website and provide the needed changes and fixes to optimize your website for search engine crawling.

We then research the best possible search terms (keywords) for your business and help you design website content and link building relationships that will help you achieve your search ranking goals.

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What Types Of Businesses Can Benefit?

Almost all businesses can benefit from a high search engine ranking. If you have a website or an online presence you are most likely already being crawled by the search engine ranking bots. We work with you to make changes to your website in order to rank higher and get more exposure to your website.
If your website is seldom visited or you are struggling to find new customers it is most likely due to poor search engine rank.

4 Reasons You Will Love SimplerSEO

Easy To Use
Easy To Use

We make it easy. Our interface is easy to use for all skill levels. We are always happy to help if you need any assistance.

Solo Ad Targeting
No Technical Skills Needed

We handle all technical aspects of getting your website optimized and set up for success.

Real Time Stats
Monthly Reporting

We email a monthly status report that will allow you to monitor the progress of your optimization and your keyword ranks.

Fast Service
Fast Service

We work fast to get your website optimized. Ongoing keyword maintenance and reporting is provided monthly.

How It Works...

Keyword Research

Everything starts with high quality keyword research.  We do a comprehensive study of your business to find the best search patterns that people enter into the search engines in your target area—we also identify the best keywords that show intent to buy. We also do a competition analysis for these keywords to find a sweet spot between keywords with enough traffic and the least amount of competition to make the quickest impact on your business.

Content Strategy

Although keyword research is the starting point of a good content strategy, it doesn’t end there. No comprehensive SEO campaign is complete without a robust content strategy. We look for numbered lists, how-to guides, videos, checklists or a comprehensive FAQ section, all of which are the components that go into quality content. We identify what Google is already ranking to understand what we need to build to overtake the #1 spot. We then upgrade all of the content that is linked in your navigation to make sure we have sufficient word counts to rank well. 


We focus on optimizing your URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, H1 to H6 heading tags, image alt text, and bolded text. We look for ways to naturally place your keyword phrases in these important spots to improve the relevancy of your content to search engines and users. We use the data our extensive keyword research yields to optimize your website content, ensuring the right keywords are used prominently throughout. We don’t believe in keyword stuffing or keyword ratios—instead, we create great copy that incorporates your main keywords and synonyms so that it reads well and provides SEO signals to the search engines. 

Step 1: Submit Your Website

To get started you will receive access to an account dashboard. Enter the website you would like optimized as well as some basic information about what keywords you are looking to target. 

Not sure what keywords to use? We are happy to research and provide suggestions (at no additional cost.) We will then proceed with the first steps of structuring and optimizing your pages for success.

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